Alcohol of the Year 2022

I was thinking about making some profound blog article about how creating any stuff not only hardware, software or art is nice and anyone can find a niche for themselves. Well, there you have it, until I finalize proper analysis of my writing habits and goals I don't think I want to write things like that. Instead, let's talk about alcohol.

Last year I did not do much. No brewing, no nothing really. The only thing I made was cherry nalewka: wiśniówka. Two kinds of it, both using the same resources. As always I used cherries from my own trees. Last year they were resting and did not produce as much fruits as in e.g., 2020. As for those that were available, seems the overall weather wasn't too nice on them, as quality, at least in my taste, could improve a lot. Still, I'm not an expert, I just know what I like.

As alcohol base I used rectified spirit 95% and a nameless vodka 50%. They were mixed together aiming at around 70%.

I decided to make two kinds: one with maceration done first and the other one with sugar-first. For macerated-first I also used cherries without the pits. I forgot to add leaves to the first stage which made the taste lack the almond-like part which usually comes from the pits and maybe hydrogen cyanide (yes, don't drink too much if pits are used). It has a bit of a bitter aftertaste, but this compares to my regular impression of cherries. This year I plan to experiment with ratios and not forget about leaves.

As for the sugar-first portion, it's OK, the quality is very consistent. However, it's not as aromatic and I always end up wondering whether it is a real tincture or not, since it may ferment this way and does not go through proper maceration.

To store them, I used some left over bottles from craft(-ish) beer. They have dark glass which is nice looking and it blocks sunlight at least partially. It's good because nalewka may oxidize otherwise (not in the same degree as first stage). For labels I used a piece of paper and rubber bands.

I did not calculate or measure alcohol content due to technical limitations. Taste says maybe around 60%, most likely below.

final product, one's already gone