Generate Your Daily Commits Chart Now

I include my website in my CV. Or at least the cgit instance depending on my mood and the state of the homepage.

Of course, what I like is rarely what a recruiter may like. This obviously is a generalization. Maybe they'll simply look at the link, confirm it works and end at that never really thinking about bare minimal aesthetic I use. Maybe they'll prove me completely wrong and like it. Maybe they'll quickly go through couple of my articles and git repositories and look for things that are actually important. Maybe they won't open the link at all.

I often disappear for several months and leave the homepage as is, without any new posts or anything. Sometimes I may push some commits to the public repositories. Sometimes I'm stuck on some random private repository or working in a garden and everything seemingly shows that I'm dead.

Nonetheless, I would want to give anyone something similar they have seen to look at and give some indication of what I am doing currently. Whether I commit something here or there or wherever.

Activity Chart

And so I decided to write a static generator for daily commits charts. Well, call it as you want, an activity chart, a commit chart, the squares from Github that Gitlab made weird copy of. Now it's my turn to copy it:

$ xargs activity -fsvg >generate_your_daily_commits_chart_now-1.svg <list
$ rsvg-convert -w 670 generate_your_daily_commits_chart_now-1.svg \
> 	-o generate_your_daily_commits_chart_now-1.png
my activity past 53 weeks or so

It supports generating charts as SVG images, HTML tables or... Directly in your terminal:

same but in terminal

You can generate yearly charts, too. Here are all commits of Emscripten in 2022 in pure HTML generated with:

$ cd emscripten
$ activity -fhtml5 >../

It stubbornly breaks the layout and looks even worse in source. One can filter by author or committer e-mail address:

$ activity -fsvg >../

And then inlined into this blog post:

Mon Wed Fri

Generate Your Own

You can grab the tool from its repo activity. All you need is Lua, Penlight and Git. Go check it out! I'm waiting for your feedback and patches.