Setting up and migrating Gitolite

My servers' purpose is usually downgraded to being a git server. Anything beyond that is just an addition. At the time of writing my go-to setup is using Gitolite to manage repositories and permissions.

For Gitolite to work, a completely fresh user is preferred. The user must have a home directory. Obviously there should be perl and git available. Additonally, have a public key ready.

Consider the following:

# apt install perl git
# adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" git
# su - git
$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ git clone
$ gitolite/install -ln /home/git/bin
$ bin/gitolite setup -pk path/to/

At this point if you are not migrating from an old server (like I do almost each year) then you are done. Congratulations!

However, if you are migrating, then you should have a tarball prepared with .gitolite.rc file and repositories directory without the gitolite-admin repository inside. You should also have the old gitolite-admin cloned somewhere, ready to be used.

$ rm .gitolite.rc
$ tar xf migration.tar.gz
$ bin/gitolite setup

Once you have extracted, force push from the old clone:

$ cd gitolite-admin-old
$ git remote add fresh
$ git push --force fresh

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