Hello, I've been tricked!

The worst part of being tricked into believing something is... I've tricked myself. Others are not to blame, so I can't really shift the responsibility onto someone else. That's bad, that's very bad. It's almost as if I should try to do better from now on.

You may ask: "Ah!", "What's happening?", "Who are you?", "Why are you here?", "What's your purpose in life?". Yes, indeed, precisely but I won't answer that. Instead I will proceed with the shortest and probably the worst introduction I could think of: I refer to myself as "I" and I'm fucking stupid.

A whale

Let me repeat myself. I've tricked myself into believing stupid things about technology, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, pretty much everything, and therefore I'm an imbecile. Possibly the funniest thing I've believed in was that my views should be constant, or I should at least write about thing I'm in constant in with.

The original plan was to implement a nice backend, lovely frontend, and start writing some tech-and-not-only related articles that are properly researched, and I feel good about them. I've never even reach single of those goals. We are skipping them. Front-end is nice, but it will change overtime, I guarantee it. My taste is really fickle. Backend... Well, really nothing to say here, it's the usual, I guess? As for texts. I've numerous sketches I wrote over last decade, and I was never satisfied with them. I'll revisit them whenever I have inspiration. I will write new ones, and try not to discard them too early.

You can expect: texts on reinventing the wheel - trying different approaches and getting through history of computer science, various tutorials, monologues on ideas (theorising in general), technical information on stuff I work on, ranting/complaining about stuff I have no knowledge of. In general: tons of badly written text.