I hate snakes

This is not a constructive post.

I don't actually hates snakes. However, I could be afraid of them, dunno.

Perhaps, part of my frustration is because I was tasked with maintenance and expansion of an old, a few thousands lines long python script with like 4 functions in total, so there is that. I acknowledge that this may or may not be accurate representation of the language. I don't care, though.

boot the snake


This wasn't my first encounter with it either. Previously it was only annoying. Mindless shitposts like this are too fun to pass.

However it was my first encounter with very long conditionals written by the original author. And I hate it. I want to ridicule the need for escaping the newline, but I don't really want to be that angry about something trivial. Or rather, I would prefer to not be angry about most of the things. It's not healthy or cool.