I like spiders

I've been thinking about writing more on *nix file hierarchy, but I noticed an eight-legged fellow climbing up my wall, and then I realized two quite important things. Currently, I'm sitting with an extremely bad shitpost as my most recent entry in index. The fact itself is not as important, as the title of the beforementioned post.

"I hate snakes" it says. I could write something with a very similar title, and put it next to the python post. That would be cool! And, here we are.

Anyway, the fella climbed up, I did my internal monologue about the whole amazing title-scheme in my index, and then the second realization came in: I didn't receive any rent from the spider. I've got to say that I pay a very close attention to my finances, and I would notice incoming transaction for rent from a spider. Not only that, I've got a good reputation among the eight-legs for keeping my rental contracts. The rules are simple (they must be, so that the spiders will understand them). When I see a spider in my house I note it and start a countdown. Time is mostly unspecified (my mood is a great factor in that). If I see any money laying around and if I don't recognize it, I assume it's spider's rent for the month. It gets to live with me.

Surprisingly, those bastards have a lot of money on them, because I always find some random bills here and there once a spider appears. Believe me or not, the Unnamed one lived with me for like three months, and paid me enough to pay my electricity bill. Or I'm just terrible at finances and remembering where I put stuff... But that can't be it, obviously.