Insert a "medium" pun in here

It wasn't that big of a joke, now, was it?

Apparently, I decided to make a weekly series. I have an objective and I can force myself to write shitty blog-like posts. In worst case I will rant about my life and complain about how I procrastinate. I have tried to write a proper text, but it seems I am either too stupid, ambitious (huh?) or I just have too short attention span.

In the end, perhaps writing just doesn't ring my bell...? I thought extremely hard about a different form of expression. Maybe a video or a podcast? Both of them would allow me to talk. I feel somehow comfortable when speaking. Especially if I compare it to writing. This shit is awkward for me.

Video might be a good one because it would let me to show stuff very easily: for instance results of operations that were taken in the terminal would just show up naturally and, overall, every viewer is kinda used to seeing things as they progress in time. Podcast on the other hand would only allow me to talk about stuff. This means that video is a better choice for me if I disregard writing... Doesn't it?


Not really. I cling to those remains of my anonymity that I still posses and revealing my face would just straight away shatter them. One could argue that sharing my voice is as bad; hell this website, it's domain and everything related is a big no-no to my privacy. Well, I try to keep those things at bay and I think that discussed decision would be just equal to shooting my own feet (or face?).

How about the podcasts? Well, simple argument against them is that it would be quite a hassle to show listeners some code listing, wouldn't it? Of course, I could do semi-podcasts, or rather screencasts, with me talking about the topic and showing my screen doing stuff. That's a good option but also awkward enough (is it really though?) to be avoided.

Well then, going through texts, videos, podcasts, screencasts I stumbled upon the good old asciinema. I thought: What if I just add my voice over it? A response immediately emerged from my brain: Holy shit, you are stupid, that would be just a video (as in: screen cast) with some extra steps! Right... What if I would go with more than that?

Let's say you can pause the tutorial at any arbitrary time and just play around with it? In fact, something similar was already done in e.g. Go-lang tour or Jupyter Notebook (without the voice part and actual playback; hey, at least you can play around with the interpreter/compiler!).

I want to try that or some derivative of that idea. If I get my hands on a good microphone I also want to play around with podcasts and mix them all together to create unimaginable monstrosities! As for now... Text and images.