Miracle of giving up

One month ago, after owning several domains and numerous server over a span of nearly a decade; one month ago I decided to give up on whatever, and started to systematically write entries on this very website. Or rather, I started to publish them. I still have my old habits: if you happen to read any entry for the second time after a week or two, you will probably notice that the content may be different. Hell, even this post was different. All of the currently published texts were already changed visibly at least two times. I still don't feel that I like them.

I'm happy that I started publishing, but I would like to let myself do more. I want to focus on new things, experimenting, trying useless ideas, creating useless tools, and then document all of it here. That's the goal. I'm still nowhere near it.

Last week there was no title. In next week's update I want to introduce new approach to the blog, website and stuff around it.

Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon, but not evening. Grrr, evenings!