Reviewing the process behind this web log

Over the last decade I wrote series of articles about various topics. Some of them were even temporarily published on one of my websites. Usually, I removed them after a short while for reasons. Two of them were: dissatisfaction with the quality and a simple anxiety. In March and April of this year I decided to kick myself in the butt and published some posts starting with "Hello, I've been tricked!" on 17th of April, 2020.

Bad news was, and actually it still is, that I'm yet to be satisfied with the quality of the articles I write. The overall dissatisfaction peaked recently with the "browser series". The topic is alright. Problem is within the last two articles. Thing is, they're almost the same. I mean, the one posted later has more insight, but I ended up doing a lot of mental exercises to not completely duplicate the content of the earlier text. This led me to the thought that the way I currently prepare and write posts could use some love.

However, the problem from the past rises once again. I want to reiterate over some of them and the others, I want to remove them. This path is dangerous. I've been there and it was in the worst scenario possible. Rather than going back to my old ways, I think leaning only slightly towards them is healthier. At least for now.

First thing that should be changed is time constraint. Up until now, I'd a semi-solid deadline: one post per week. In case of "browser series" this approach showed an extreme imperfection. With my day work it's not enough time to research the topic and prototype the ideas. I acknowledged that and so I tried to put some off-topic article in between. Yeah, you know what happened. Every single topic, idea, concept or whatever, knowledge in general, they all behave like a fractal. A simple idea, quick story to fill some time, will spawn a few connections to other things; they in turn will link themselves to exponentially more and more, and more. They'll build a wonderful tomb full of smaller and smaller details to research.

Deadline is needed. Week is too short. From now on I'll do one post per month. This should bring me enough time to breathe, prototype, fail, conclude or realize that I need to write a side-story for the month.

fractal yay

That's not all. Let's talk interest management. Boy, oh, boy. I'm terrible at that. It feels like I'm managing a toddler or a teen that can't concentrate on a one thing. I'm not talking here only about short-term attention, but in project scope. In my opinion I'm extremely fickle. That's where the one month deadline should help. In worst case scenario if my interest shifts suddenly, I can try to finish whatever I'm doing at that moment fairly fast and then proceed to work with this new world-changing thing I just invented only to find out that I've lost a month on a failure. Month should be enough to realize that. We'll see.

I think the way I manage ideas is fairly nice, it could be improved but it works. Unlike the way I prepare sketches and write articles. Believe it or not, over the last four months I learnt nothing. Or, hopefully, minimally more than that. Again, this new posting frequency may prove itself helpful in this matter, too.

One more thing, I write too much needlessly. This whole post could be:

I decided to change posting frequency from one per week to one per month. I think this should help me in improving the quality, make posts more complete, help me handling my fickle interests and condense more knowledge into shorter posts.

I could remove everything I wrote and leave just the paragraph above. I won't do it. Yet. I plan to remove or merge some older update and low quality posts. Read them while you can!