Roflnauts 2


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Roflnauts 2 was a fan made sequel for Roflnauts, a mini game originally created by Vlambeer, in celebration of the launch of Awesomenauts and Ronimo Games' fifth anniversary.

It was developed by the members of the Awesomenauts forums community including (in no particular order):

Project was actively maintained from 2016 to 2018. The final release is available for download for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. For downloads see the top of the page. The source code and assets are available through git repositories: hosted here and on Github. The usage of assets is restricted to the Roflnauts 2 project and copyrights are held by the respective authors to the extent that does not interfere with Awesomenauts and Roflnauts copyrights.

See Rolfnauts 2 on