Self Update: End of Year 2023

This has been an... interesting year. I was too lazy and wasted too much time on unnecessary stuff, but I don't want to linger and kick myself as I lay down. Last three months I have been slowly going through what I did, what I want to do, how I want to do these things, what do I find fun, what is useful, what is not. This process is still ongoing. Heck, I don't think it should ever end. Still, for now, it's enough. It's time to act upon it. I already started, otherwise I wouldn't want to share it, because that would be only idle pointless talking.

I did good. When I could I did what I wanted. I'll do better.

xp book

Recently, I started reading second edition of Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck. What a book! I'm happy that I started buying and reading not-translated-to-Polish books. I enjoyed TDD and talks by Kent, but XP really delivered. I'm really disappointed how they just glanced around it back at the university.

XP and this "contemplation" period made me want to read Enchiridion again. Coincidentally Pewdiepie recently mentioned it, so it seems like it will be the next thing I read. If you never read these (XP, TDD, Enchiridion), I highly recommend each one. Even if you already know the terms.

Other books and comics, fiction, I read these year are mostly works of William Gibson, Mamare Touno, Douman Seiman, Q-Hayashida, Alastair Reynolds, Ursula K. LeGuin, Frank Herbert (again, I guess), and John Brunner. I wait for new translations of Alastair Reynolds. I have been keeping an eye on secondhand/antique (book) shops, too, since e.g., Robert Silverberg's works have been translated and published in 90s and 00s and it doesn't seem like anyone intends to publish them again for now.

I decided to take a longer break from EVE Online. The longer I don't play, the more I see how I was depending on it terribly. Shame.

What now? Well, I'm not telling details. I did last time and I didn't deliver. I want to deliver the waterspout radar and write something about the journey it was. This version will use Icon-EU model directly and work more similar to the dashboard at NOAA's SWPC site than anything else. Overall, I want to "focus on the blog". Not just the maintenance and finally getting you guys an ability to provide comments, feedback and patches (if you have anything now, send me an email), but anything that let's me write something interesting here. I want to take small steps that let me write things. I have many lingering unfinished projects, experiments and issues that I want to work on.

And I will.

By the way, I finally added atom feed. It's generated in a... curious way. Let's see how it does.