Self Update: March 2023

Published on 2023-03-23 22:58:00+01:00

Time has passed, hasn't it? I didn't do any empty update posts for quite time now. Two years or so. Hard to tell really because I didn't use any specific version control for the blog at that time and I was changing pretty much everything in frenzy anyway. I'm wondering if I have another one of those in me. Still, contemplating this I saved for some other time that may or may not come.

Enough of sad and ambiguous remarks. Let's do a proper update! The first one in this occurrence of the blog. I'm starting to dislike it - I need to fool around with CSS again.

Where have I been? Well, it's not like I have a particular schedule or anything here. Bonus, the website is still running, so I should be somewhere around this world, right? Right. From the analysis I did over last few days and my journal seems I have been mainly up to five things:

In order of estimated total time, I guess.

How do I feel about it? Not great, in a very short description I feel tired and blame myself for not doing more at the same time. This update post is an attempt to break the feeling of downwards spiral. Simply because this kind of posts is rather easy to write and they still bring a small feeling of accomplishment. Plus it breaks my daily routine that I had for past months nicely.

My overall dissatisfaction is additionally amplified by some of these smaller projects that I did not figure out to finish off for whatever reason. In one matter it was a technical limitation, in other it was dumb procrastination.

To not be overly dramatic and/or depressing, here's a short note that I've been almost paranoically analysis both sides of my moods and I am aware that I have been doing good shit, too.

What's next? One step is almost behind me. Since you are reading it you can probably guess that I finished writing this blog post. Next things are also posts, since most of them are rather straight-forward. Well... With the exception of the drafts that were sitting on me for years.

To hold myself accountable, I'll say that I want to write about my waterspout prediction system. A simple technical description of the project and some thoughts about it. This project also sparked one more idea for a more typical blog post, but I'm still waiting for my brain to brew something nice out of it.

dinosaur, i think

I have no idea what this is.