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Latest development blog: September 2022

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Starshatter (2004) and Starshatter: The Gathering Storm (2006) were military space combat simulators in distant future. They allowed players to command all kind of ship sizes and all kind of ship groups putting the players anywhere in the regular military chain of command.

In 2011 the author, John DiCamillo, released game's source code under the 3-Clause BSD License.

Starshatter: The Open Source Project is a legacy of this series and intends to maintain, polish, and extend the game. Just like before, the goal is to let the player experience the ultimate space combat, from planet surface to interstellar space, from piloting the smallest ships to commanding entire armadas.

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Game is distributed in portable and self-contained packages for Windows that also work with Wine on other platforms. To play the game download the latest package, unpack it somewhere, and simply run it.

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Magic is a tool to handle 3D models used in Starshatter. It uses AFX so it requires different toolchain to build and because of this for now it produces own packages:

Download Magic Editor ()

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You can find out more about the project, find help, or get involved at:

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Project accepts anyone that is interested in contributing in any way that seems helpful. If you want to help but you don't know where to start or you don't have any particular ideas - just contact us.

Source code is hosted at