The last weekly update (not)


When I was starting I decided to write weekly updates or blog posts, and tried to persist in it. Their quality was quite interesting, but they accomplished their goal. They helped me to systematically write stuff, see inspiration when it comes, and made me write more freely. Now, that I have better grasp of how, what and when I like to write, I think these enforced weekly updates are no longer needed.

I have plenty of new ideas, and quite a lot of old sketches that are yet to be published. I feel comfortable in current state. From now on, I will post weekly. Not updates, but actual articles on various topics. If I happen to not write an article, then I will post an update or some stupid blog post on friday like for the past month. Obviously, if there will be something worth writing an update for I will write one.

I guess that's all. Have a nice everything but evening!