Untitled weekly update

dead bird

This time I didn't think of any good name for the weekly update post. I don't think it's bad. I don't know why would I think it's bad in the first place. I hope that I'm not trying to convince myself about that.

Anyway! Updates! I have finished the side project. It is called plop and the estimated release date for public view is never. "Why?" - you might ask. The reason is simple, in general I don't plan to release any of my personal projects. For now, that is. I need to prepare myself and my website for that. It's also worth keeping in mind that my "projects" are usually experimental, provoking (huh?), playful or, sometimes, straight-away useless. I need to filter them.

For the upcoming week I plan to take it slowly and focus on publishing technical articles on the website (finally!). I don't want to allocate myself to anything else for now. Plop had its deadline today, it's kind of complete but given this additional time I would like to do some minor changes in it.

Oh, right, "what the hell is plop?" - you ask. It's a simple (as in: terrible; I aimed for: small complexity) framework for Lua web APIs. It's written in C. I have given myself quite a time constraint, so I had to sacrifice way too much. Nonetheless, it's working and satisfying initial goals, so I'm neutral-happy about it.