We can't change the lightbulb

First off, I have made some progress. As you might see, I screwed up almost the entire website and I am very happy with it. It was intended. Well, sort of...

How many software engineers do you need to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Too many. You can't change the lightbulb. With every little try the software engineers will only restrain themselves and do anything but changing the lightbulb. In the most optimistic scenario the lightbulb will be slightly twisted. The best part of all of it is... The lightbulb will work just fine.

Lightbulb will look like some kind of monster: a cyborg straight from pessimistic cyberpunk setting with wires all around it, probably completely different content inside the glass. Hey! It works! More than that it's backwards compatible with VT1000 models of lightbulbs interfaces from 1954, the golden age of the lightbulbs. It could also properly communicate with your neighbour's lightbulb via parallel light protocol (PLP rev. 3.5).

The new (old) lightbulb is so good that you will quickly forget what was your objective and you will not notice that it was never accomplished. One could argue that the end result is the same - it is not: if the task is to change the lightbulb then the end result should be a changed lightbulb (preferably it would be changed to one that works). The task wasn't to make a lightbulb terminator. Yet, here we are, escaping from the view of menacing light killer.

There probably should be some final point or thought to this but there won't be. It's just a text to let off some steam. This long-ass not-funny joke might remind you of something. It might not. It doesn't matter.

Now then, in order to get the project going I configured nginx and systemd duo with some deployment scripts, so that I have now a simple system that lets me to quickly deploy and manage applications in desired environment. For now it meets most of my expectations. After that, I got slightly sidetracked and currently I'm working on a framework that will let me to build back-end with Lua in the way I want to build it as I couldn't find an existing solution that I liked.

a lightbulb, you can't change it